Julian Cerro


Julian was born in Sicily, an island in southern Italy, in the year 2000. Her family has been the fundamental fulcrum for her artistic training. Julian’s mother is an art gallery owner, her father an interior designer and her sister a theatre actress, a mix that has shaped Julian’s taste and perception of fashion over the years. Binding in her a strong sense of authenticity, she has been fascinated by these parallel worlds that influence her creative process.


Despite her young age, shortly before finishing high school, she undertook the role of fashion journalist in Milan, and then pursued the Undergraduate course in Fashion Design at Polimoda, where she is currently in her senior year. On this path, she has had the opportunity to undertake various internships at the French house, ” Vetements ”. Julian’s creative approach is childish, the memories of the past are a large part of the research and a source of new stimuli, and the personal remembrance is often approached with something unexpected and ironic. Tradition, however, remains a fundamental aspect, revisited in a modern way, through silhouettes, colours, and textures.